The House for 

Mexican Ancestral 


To be a reference for Mexico Internationally

To celebrate and keep alive the rich traditions of Mexico in order to share them with the rest of the world.

To work with pride, honesty, and Mexican ATTITUDE while caring for and strengthening the value chain.


Our 2019 collection of three mezcales from wild agave (silvestres): Coyote, De Lumbre y Tepeztate, were made with care by one of our Zapoteco Master Distillers, Leonardo Hernández.

Discover the hidden flavors and participate in our experiences



To be a reference of quality and Mexican traditions around the world.

Celebrate our history, protect our artisanal craft processes, and improve the quality of life in the communities where we work. 

Work with pride, honesty, and Mexican ATTITUDE

Casa Titlán

Casa Titlán is a platform for Mexican spirits. Our goal and passion is to share with the world the gastronomic experiences and great traditions that make us proud of our country, focused of course on distilled agave beverages made with traditional methods. We are committed to the quality of our products through special care of the value chain: the jimadores, chefs, master distillers and their families. We go one step further and also take care of the agave plants and their responsible cultivation, in order to offer a great product to our customers. Casa Titlán is a space that represents and celebrates Mexico in all its senses. Therefore, in 2018, we found the perfect place and opened our doors in Colonia Condesa, Mexico City. A place where you can enjoy gastronomic, artisan and musical experiences, all that reflect the rich culture and traditions that make us proud to be Mexican. 

We are a passionate family and proud to celebrate everything that makes us Mexican